Patients beaming after Wanderers visit

Every year more than 80,000 children are treated at our Hospital, many of them from Western Sydney.


Not only are there plenty of Western Sydney Wanderers soccer fans at the Hospital, but the building also houses the sickest kids in the state, which is why the whole team visited this week, to bring a little Christmas cheer to families who really need it.

“The players are all amazing with our patients, so respectful, warm and bring a lot of energy into the wards,” Gilly Paxton says, Director of Community Relations and Marketing at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.

“When our little patients find out they are going to get a visit, their faces light up. Sometimes they are already wearing their Wanderers jersey.”

Each year leading into Christmas, visits like this really help the Hospital create a special buzz for patients, some of whom are likely to celebrate the holiday season from inside their hospital room.

“To come down here, spend a couple of hours, get around to some of the wards and to see majority of the kids here and hopefully put a smile on their faces, is a really good feeling,” player Robert Cornthwaite says.

“They are very, very brave.” The visit, especially for Christmas, is becoming an annual affair and is the second year in a row the team has brought Christmas cheer to Westmead.

“We know it takes the club a lot of work to coordinate the boys but we are so grateful to everyone involved,” Ms Paxton says.

“It really does make the patients and their parents feel special and supported by their community.”