A vested interest

Collectively, Larry and Pat have been volunteering at the Hospital for as many years as it’s been built.


The dynamic duo met circa 1980 and after 35 years of marriage, five children, and 15 grand-children, they’re both celebrating volunteering milestones in 2017.

“No matter their creed, race, or religion, all of the parents and kids that come in here are here for one thing, to get better. I love meeting and talking to every single one of them,” Larry says.

Larry's love for the Hospital began when his Occupational Health & Safety building company oversaw the construction of it more than 20 years ago.

Now, for the past 15 years, Larry has been greeting and helping families, visitors and children near the front enquiries desk two to three days a week.

He convinced his wife Pat, a former school principle, to get involved five years ago when she retired.

When asked what their secret to success and happiness was, Pat was quick to reply.

“Always think about the other person, and just be happy with life no matter what you are thrown.”

“Do things together and do things separately too,” Pat said.

Congratulations Larry and Pat, we love you and appreciate the endless hours you so willingly give to our patients, families and staff when they are most in need.

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