Team Bandaged Bear at Bondi

The 2016 City2Surf was a big one.


Team Bandaged Bear participants did us proud and exceeded expectations: they ran faster, walked quicker, pushed harder, laughed louder, and raised more money than ever before.

The team's vital stats currently look like this:

  • 847 participants started, finished and wore a Team Bandaged Bear shirt
  • They raised over $500,000 for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.
  • That money will go towards over 20 wards and services including the Heart Centre for Kids, Cancer Centre for Children, Bear Cottage, Kids Intensive Care Unit, Psychological Medicine, Diabetes, Poisons Information, HARK Refugee Clinic, Kids Rehabilitation, Hunter Baillie and Clancy Ward to name a few.

As Bondi turned on perfect Spring weather the stage was set to showcase the efforts of our sponsors. In our commodious and well-positioned marquee, energy levels were replaced through the avid consumption of Clif Bars and Nuzest, while Laissez-Faire Catering provided delicious and nutritious breakfast and lunch. Australian Brewery handcrafted beers were consumed happily–in moderate amounts–long into the afternoon.

Fitzy and Whippy from Nova 96.9 chose to run for Team Bandaged Bear from amongst a City2Surf suite of really wonderful charities, so heartfelt thanks must go to them and the Nova crew. They provided our major prize and promoted us on air.



As with every great show, the credit roll always points to the really dedicated.

Ours includes:

  • Event Cinemas who supported us with prizes.
  • The corporate teams from Dooleys, Rydges Campbelltown, Turner & Townsend, ICAP and Amway Nutriway Health.
  • Six tireless volunteers: Caitlin Matthews, Kylie Mannix, Andrea Mallia, Kajendra Kunaratnam, Juan Perilla and Phuoc Dinh Luong.
  • Top Individual Fundraiser: Danielle Sue-See who raised over $22,000 for the Harley is My Heart Hero team.
  • Top Individual Staff Fundraiser: Professor David Isaacs who raised over $7,500 for the HARK Refugee Clinic.
  • Top Patient Family Team: Harley is my Heart Hero team raising over $37,000 for the Heart Centre for Children.
  • Top Hospital Department Team: PICU Team raising over $70,000 for the Kids Intensive Care Unit.

And finally, to the parents with teams in honour of their children—some of them veterans who run in memory of lives lost, some of them newly-initiated into the difficult world of seriously ill children, all of them with fires in their bellies to improve the lives of their kids, we say thanks. Your efforts truly inspire us.

  • Team Bianca – led by Jo-Ann, Lou & Daniel Caltabiano
  • Team Archie – led by Nadine Gale
  • Team Eva – led by Sophie Cole
  • Harley is my Heart Hero – led by Danielle Sue-See
  • Team Amelia – led by Jess & Kenan Alispahic
  • Bailey’s Childhood Cancer Appeal – led by David & Cathy Franz
  • Team Ela – led by Kristina & Viktor Petrasek 
  • Type 1 Warriors – led by James and Julie Munley

If you want a piece of the Team Bandaged Bear pie there are a range of events throughout the year to get your teeth into.


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