Radiothon 2016

It's a Radiothon wrap.


After several weeks of late nights and early mornings, the Radiothon cast and crew were almost asleep on their feet, but now they can rest easy with the final tally coming in.

We’d like to make it official: Radiothon 2016 raised more than $1.2 million.

The official event, held for patients and their families, clocked up wins on several fronts. Audience numbers swelled—the Galleria and the main hospital corridors were flush with comings and goings from dawn until dusk—while the entertainment included a live mermaid display in the Children’s Garden, BMX boys doing their stuff and music on several stages. We had cooking demonstrations, magic tricks, and food and coffee served by the Rapid Relief Team, Bear Brasserie and Starbucks.

Our broadcast partners 2UE Talking Lifestyle and Channel 7 and their news team did a sterling job, and so too did the Slater and Gordon Call Centre. The broadcasts, live crosses and continual phone support underpinned the day. They created vibrancy within the hospital and set the stage for several significant cheque handovers. This kind of corporate support is essential for us; it allows us to plan for the big-ticket items such as incubators, patient transport vehicles and fund other much needed equipment.

In addition to the support we receive from corporate Australia, charities also help us. For this, we are eternally grateful. This year, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation donated more than $100,000; the George Gregan Foundation gave $25,000 to the Radiothon cause, while Camp Quality and Variety NSW each put $80,000 on the table for our sick children.

One of the great things about an event like Radiothon is that there are lots of ways to play! In addition to our supporters and the different ways they contributed, we had many excellent volunteers on deck doing all manner of jobs.

We should also tip our hats to everyone in the Hospital on the day who made the event run smoothly, that includes the Outpatients staff who soldiered on beside the main stage and ushered patients to their appointments amidst the activity, and parents who had to push, wheel and carry children through the crowd. It includes our cleaners who picked up after everyone, and security staff who had to make sense of various movements throughout the Hospital. Thanks for your patience.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who ‘gave’ something today. No matter how big or small your donation, whether it was in kind or in cash or as time, we appreciate the generosity and your commitment to making sick kids well.

Even though the main celebrations at the Hospital have finished for the day, you can still show your support and donate today to help brighten the lives of sick kids.