Every March, do something amazing #forsickkids


In their time of need, we're here for sick kids. They rely on our doctors, nurses and researchers for help. They rely on you for hope.

The annual Bandaged Bear Appeal is our signature fundraising appeal, helping to raise vital funds for our patients.

The 2018 Appeal focused on helping kids live their healthiest lives possible. It embodied important health advocacy objectives and encapsulates the way we work across specialist units, services and departments.

Our two patient ambassadors have stories that illustrate this approach to care.

Mila demonstrates a zest for life despite living with a degenerative disease, Morquio A, that affects just 21 people in Australia, and for which there is no cure.

At age 11, Seth suffered a devastating bacterial infection which left him unable to walk, talk or eat. Seth’s recovery was achieved through close collaboration and genuine care by ten separate teams within the Hospital.

Occupational therapy cajoled his fine motor skills to return, speech therapist coaxed his mouth and throat muscles back into action, and the physiotherapy team walked alongside him as he took his first steps.

“Each time Seth reached a new goal, his team would cheer and celebrate with us. We were all in it together and I could really tell they had his best interests at heart,” his Mum, Rebecca said.


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