Every year, our 24-bed Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care supports over 600 premature babies and critically ill newborns with complex life-threatening conditions, birth complications and defects, and serious breathing and heart problems. 

But government funding only stretches so far. Every year we must raise an additional $35 million to fund research, medical staff, and equipment. We need $11 million alone to replace obsolete devices with cutting-edge technology. We rely on generous community supporters to help equip our neonatal specialists with life-saving medical devices.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

Measured medical care for vulnerable infants

Peapod for Grace Centre for Newborns. Donate to Bandaged Bear

The non-invasive Pea Pod accurately assesses a newborn’s body composition to provide nutritional guidelines, intensive care release criteria, dosage requirements and acquire growth data in clinical and research settings.

Optimal nutrition and intensive care in the first days of life is vital for at-risk infants.

$206,000 will buy 1 Pea-Pod. Donate now.


Life-saving neonatal simulation trainer

Paul is a simulation baby. But one to help train doctors in Grace Centre for Newborns. Please Donate to Bandaged BearOne in 10 babies are born premature. Providing life-saving pre-term care is uniquely complex, challenging, time-sensitive and emotional.

Paul, the realistic, preterm 27-week-old simulation baby will educate and train our team in the high-stakes practise of behavioural, cognitive and technical skills to save more young lives.

$100,000 will buy 1 Simulation baby. Donate now.


Safe, warm life-sustaining haven for at-risk newborns

Omnibed incubator is needed for Grace Centre for Newborns. Donate to Bandaged BearThe Giraffe OmniBed Carestation incubator and radiant warmer nurtures a vulnerable baby’s wellbeing in a safe, warm, healing micro-environment. 

Open, close-care access makes medical procedures easier, improves treatment, and encourages family-centred care. Mobility ensures sustained intensive care during travel to the operating theatre, medical imaging or within the hospital.

$48,279 each. 2 needed. Donate now.


Caring for tiny tots’ temperatures and brain health

Arctic Sun cooling unit is needed for Grace Centre for Newborns. Donate to Bandaged BearLack of oxygen at birth can be fatal or lead to disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, and seizures. Induced cooling for newborns with these conditions improves treatment and quality of life. 

The Artic Sun non-invasive temperature management system uses chilled hydrogel pads to mimic water immersion for rapid cooling of fragile babies.

$35,000 will buy 1 Arctic Sun. Donate now.


Vital bladder care for babies undergoing surgery

A bladder scanner is needed for Grace Centre for Newborns. Donate to Bandaged BearA portable non-invasive bladder ultrasound is vital to assess seriously ill babies’ bladder volume before and after critical surgery.

It will reduce the risk of urethral trauma and urinary infection and will enable fragile babies to remain safely in intensive care.


$14,000 will buy 1 scanner. Donate now.


Baby-love breastfeeding

Donate to buy a mobile breast pump for the Grace Centre for Newborns at The Children's Hospital at Westmead

A breast pump helps mothers initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk supply.

Research shows if a mother expresses beside her baby it can increase milk supply. These mobile pumps will enable mothers to express and breastfeed comfortably at their baby’s bedside.


$3,000 will buy 10 breast pumps. Donate now.


Locating delicate little veins with ease

UV light helps locate babies veins. Please donate to Bandaged BearNewborns have small, fragile veins, making it difficult to draw blood or insert an IV or diagnostic device with the first puncture. 

The Astodia Vein Illuminator uses LEDs to provide a clear view of the smallest vessels for clear vein targeting to reduce the number of needle sticks required.


$2,200 each. 2 needed. Donate now.


Closer, more comforting parental care

Help a worried parent rest beside their newborn baby. Please donate to Bandaged Bear.

Special ‘kangaroo care’ recliner chairs to nurture therapeutic parental skin-to-skin care and physical connection over long periods for critically ill babies.

Vital to stabilise an at-risk newborn’s heart rate, and improve breathing, breastfeeding, sleeping, wellbeing, and developing emotional bonds.

$2,000 will buy 1 chair. 6 needed. Donate now.



Nourishing at-risk newborns

Medela Calesca Milk Warming machine

Designed to prevent damage to premature newborns’ immature digestive systems, the Calesca slowly thaws and warms expressed breast milk to preserve nutrients and vitamins. 

By circulating warm air in an enclosed chamber, it eliminates the risk of scalds and contamination associated with warming breast milk in water.

$1,673 will buy 1 milk warmer. Donate now.



Like more information on how you can help critically ill babies to live their healthiest lives?

Email Dianne Wigan, Philanthropy Manager or call her on 9845 3473