“It’s frightening how your whole world can change in an instant.”


This tax time, our doctors and nurses need your help to give seriously ill children the best possible care.

Children like little Sophia, who was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening illness soon after she was born.

Like so many worried parents, Daniela and Chris brought Sophia to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and placed all their hope and faith in the team here. Daniela remembers:

“I was just praying it wasn’t the last time I would sing to Sophia or hold her in my arms.”

Sophia was diagnosed with KHE, a condition that causes the blood vessels to grow abnormally and form tumours. Tragically, half of babies with the condition don’t make it.

“We couldn’t believe this was happening,” Daniela says. “It was like my body was moving but I wasn't in my body.”

Thankfully, the Hospital’s Dr Emma McMahon is one of just a few KHE specialists in the world. She regularly meets with other experts to discuss recent cases and the latest treatments – and she knew about a brand-new treatment that could save Sophia’s life – a drug called Sirolimus.

Sophia started treatment right away. Her whole family held their breath and hoped. Daniela says:

“The nurses and doctors… I have no words to describe how amazing they were! One time, I was crying and one of the nurses took me aside into a little office and just let me talk. She explained everything honestly. It helped me see things so much clearer. They’re just beautiful.”

Daniela describes what happened next as “a miracle”. Sophia’s health started to improve. Daniela and Chris were thrilled to take their little girl home.

Will you help make sure every child and their family is able to receive the same world-class care Sophia did?

A tax-time donation from you today will help pay for the equipment and training our doctors and nurses need to give children like Sophia the best possible care – and the best chance of recovery. 

“If Sophia didn’t receive immediate treatment, she probably would have bled internally. Daniela and Chris could have lost her.” Dr Emma