Eliza's story

Eliza touches the hearts of everyone she meets.

Meet Eliza, she's one of our 2016 Radiothon Ambassadors.

Behind the six-year-old’s cheeky grin and inquisitive conversation is a brave little girl with a life-threatening medical condition.

“When we were informed of Eliza’s diagnosis, Derek and I were in complete shock, we had no idea that our little girl would have a brain tumour. Eliza was only two-years-old so didn’t understand,” Mum, Belinda said.

Doctors discovered Eliza had what is called a craniopharyngioma, a rare benign brain tumour found near the pituitary gland.

Prior to Eliza’s craniopharyngioma diagnosis in May 2012, her parents Derek and Belinda noticed their daughter had a turned eye, started sleeping more than usual and bumping into things.

“Life has changed completely. We are now very wary of illness around us and no longer take life for granted.”

Eliza’s treatment to date has involved multiple brain surgeries and extensive clinical care for hormone conditions related to her brain tumour.

Despite Eliza’s health challenges, Belinda says her little girl lives life to the fullest.

“Eliza is a happy, brave and joyful child. She loves arts and crafts, to play with her dolls and playing doctors. We think of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead as our ‘safe place’. This is where Eliza’s life has been saved and she has had the best care you could ever wish for, we are lucky.”

When Eliza grows up she would like to be an artist, a ballerina, or a teacher. In recent times she has also shown interest in a nursing career.

“Our hopes and dreams are for Eliza to lead a full life and be happy,” Belinda said.