Mia's story

Mia might only be one year old but she has already been through one of the toughest fights of her life.

Mia (pictured right) and her twin sister, Zoe, were born two very happy and healthy baby girls but at six weeks old, Mia’s parents, Fiona and Bill, knew something was wrong. While Zoe continued to grow normally, Mia stopped putting on weight and both her skin and eyes began turning yellow.

Mia, one of our 2016 Radiothon Ambassadors, was referred to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead where she was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare disease that destroys the bile ducts of the liver. Following the diagnosis Mia became very sick, very quickly, unable to roll over or even lift up her legs. After initial surgery to correct her biliary atresia was unsuccessful, a liver transplant was her only option.

Mia spent several months in hospital, too sick to return home, while her family waited for the call that would change their lives. Thankfully this gift of life came just in time and Mia received the liver transplant she so desperately needed.

“The donor family and the doctors at nurses at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead saved our daughter’s life. Without the care and help they have given Mia, she wouldn’t be with us today. Thank you just isn’t enough,” Mia’s Mum, Fiona, said.

Since her transplant, Mia has met all of her milestones and has thrived alongside her sister Zoe, and older brother, Eli. 

“Looking at her now, you wouldn’t have any idea what she has gone through. These kids who are given a harder road in life with childhood sickness are the strongest; they take everything in their stride and always manage to give you a smile at the end of it all.”

“Mia, at the young age of one, has taught so many people what is important in life and she has inspired us all. Today, looking back at this journey, even though it has been by far the hardest year of our lives, it has made us so much stronger as a family,” Fiona said.

Looking to the future, Mia’s parents have one hope for their little warrior.

“We only hope for Mia’s life to be filled with love, happiness and great health. She can do anything she dreams of and she deserves every bit of happiness that goes her way.”