Teddy Bear Cake Pops

Turn your ordinary Oreo cookies into these adorable teddy bear cake pops with this cute, kid-friendly recipe from Hungry Happenings. We suggest using choc-dipped oreos and smarties.

Teddy Bear Pancakes

Pancakes are already pretty good on their own, but turn them into teddy bears and watch your kids eyes light up even brighter! Follow this simple recipe from Lunchbox Dad. You can even swap the chocolate chips with blueberries for a healthy alternative.

Tiny Teddy Cars

These tiny teddy race cars are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages and the best part is they are super easy to make. Check out the recipe from Kidspot.

Teddy Bear Pool Party Jelly Cups

Who doesn't love jelly? These jelly cups are the perfect, hassle-free snack for a picnic. Simply make up your cups of blue jelly, set, and add your very best teddy swimmers. See Press Print Party's recipe.

Gummy Bear Cupcakes

Get the kids involved with decorating these un-bear-ably cute cupcakes. All you need is some cupcake mix, gummy bears, some blue icing and your sense of imagination. See the recipe from taste.com.au

Teddy Bear Fairy Bread

This creation is perfect for your little ones to take charge of and is guaranteed to make sandwiches 10x times more fun. This recipe from taste.com.au uses sprinkles but you can add whatever topping you like, peanut butter, vegemite, jam...the choice is yours!

Teddy Bear Toast

A beary unique toast on your normal peanut butter toast and getting in some fruit too! If you need more guidance, see the recipe from Kidspot.

Teddy Bear Apple Snack

Give your Bandaged Bear Picnic some added crunch with this easy to make teddy bear apple snack. Your kids will love putting it together and will love eating it even more. See the recipe from Kix Cereal.