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Hugo’s story

Wednesday, 23rd Sep 20

Seven-year-old Hugo was at school participating in a walkathon when all of a sudden he fell down to the ground and suffered a seizure.

Mum's running start for Metabolic Clinic

Monday, 21st Sep 20

Mum, Jessica Gowans, explains what life is like having two children with metabolic disorders and why she is set to participate in City2Surf's Virtual Run this year.

Melanie's personal Race for Grace

Tuesday, 15th Sep 20

Grace is a lifeline, not only for these tiny infants but for their parents and carers too. Registered Nurse, Melanie Jansons, knows first-hand just how important Grace is as she is not only on the front line caring for these babies, but it wasn’t too long ago that her own son was fighting for his life in NICU.

Team OT ready to take on virtual run

Wednesday, 9th Sep 20

The Occupational Therapy (OT) Department at The Children's Hospital at Westmead is ready to take on City2Surf's first-ever Virtual Run.

Simon Hickey, SCHF Deputy Chair, appoint...

Tuesday, 11th Aug 20

We are proud to announce that the Foundation’s Deputy Chair, Simon Hickey, has been appointed as CEO of the new international airport in Western Sydney.

Coles raises $310,000 for sick kids

Friday, 31st Jul 20

Shoppers raise vital funds thanks to $2 Curing Homesickness donation cards

Help is on the cards for sick kids

Wednesday, 15th Jul 20

Coles launch $2 Curing Homesickness Donation Cards to raise vital funds for sick kids in hospital.

Finding the silver lining

Sunday, 28th Jun 20

There’s an old saying that the worst times bring out the best in people – and 2020 has certainly given us the opportunity to find out this is indeed true.

Knox's story

Thursday, 11th Jun 20

The paediatric service helping treat 1.8 million children across 800,000 square km.

Sweet deliveries for our nurses

Tuesday, 12th May 20

The corridors at The Children's Hospital at Westmead were filled with the delicious scents of food, drinks and sweet treats as the local community helped celebrate International Nurses Day.

Bob Tug Walk goes virtual

Thursday, 30th Apr 20

Team Grace swapped the Sydney skyline forthe local sites of Dubbo as part of Bob 'Tug' Wilson's Virtual Walk this year. 

A message from the CEO of Sydney Childre...

Friday, 20th Mar 20

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation will ensure that the needs of our Children’s Hospitals will continue to be met. Thank you to all our supporters and for everything you have done for sick kids.

A place of hope for brave Alma

Tuesday, 3rd Mar 20

When five-year-old Alma stopped using her right-hand, what happened next turned the family's world upside down.

The team moving cancer treatment forward

Tuesday, 11th Feb 20

Meet the team who passionately research new treatments and therapies to provide the best cancer treatment for children in NSW.

Blair's five year journey to a diagnosis

Friday, 7th Feb 20

Meet our 2020 Bandaged Bear Appeal ambassador.

Ayla's two lifesaving transplants in jus...

Thursday, 6th Feb 20

Meet one of our 2019 Bandaged Bear Appeal ambassadors.

Jacob is one-in-a-million

Thursday, 6th Feb 20

Meet one of our 2019 Bandaged Bear Appeal ambassadors.

Meet our 65K 4 65 Roses 2020 ambassador

Friday, 6th Dec 19

At just four-weeks-old, the Borgs were told their daughter Isabella had cystic fibrosis, a condition they had never heard of.

'the Bandaged Bear' Newsletter - August...

Monday, 12th Aug 19

Read the August 2019 issue of 'the bandaged bear' filled with stories of support for The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

The genetic disorder affecting Holly

Friday, 26th Jul 19

Holly lives with a genetic disorder called Rett Syndrome. Holly's dad Brett will participate in the world's largest fun-run to raise money to help find a cure for her daughter.