Aneisa's story

03 Nov 2017

As new immigrants, the Kalra family's world came crashing down when their daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

The family had been in the country just five days when one-year-old Aneisa was rushed to The Children's Hospital at Westmead after her mum noticed she had sore legs. Just hours after arriving at the Hospital doctors found a lump on her neck and diagnosed her with stage four Neuroblastoma.

"We didn't have a home, we didn't even know where to buy our groceries - looking back it feels like it was a bad dream." Mrs Kalra said.

Aneisa underwent a bone marrow transplant followed by three rounds of chemotherapy but unfortunately, the treatment wasn't successful and she was placed in palliative care. In a final attempt to save Aneisa, doctors recommended she undergo a fourth round of chemotherapy to which, miraculously, she responded.

Over the next ten years Aneisa recovered well and enjoyed a normal childhood playing soccer, swimming and making friends.

But earlier this year, Aneisa started complaining of a sore leg again, and on referral to the Hospital a mass was found on her right leg which led to a diagnosis of Osteosarcoma. Since then, Aneisa has spent more time in Hospital than at home, receiving surgery and more than 20 rounds of chemotherapy.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Aneisa's last treatment is scheduled for December so she'll be home for Christmas and ready to start high school in January.

On November 17, The Children's Hospital at Westmead will be jam packed with entertainment to support children like Aneisa for our annual Radiothon fundraiser.

Aneisa said: "It has been really hard going through this process - so if money could go towards making the hospital a better place for kids then it is worth it."

Mother Shaagu added "Something like this should never happen to a child, I have had to quit my job and take time off work so the support from the Hospital and every cent donated - we value it more than people know."

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