Bob Tug Walk goes virtual

30 Apr 2020

Team Grace swapped the Sydney skyline for the local sites of Dubbo as part of Bob 'Tug' Wilson's Virtual Walk this year. 

The group of eight walkers completed the 27km challenge around their local town as the physical Bob 'Tug' Wilson's Walk for Kids with Cancer from Sydney to Manly was cancelled due to COVID-19. The community came together virtually to support the Walk aimed to raise money for the Cancer Centre for Children

Team Grace began over four years ago when Grace, who was seven-months-old, was diagnosed with a very rare kidney cancer in November 2015. 

“We first knew something was wrong when she started spiking fevers and we couldn’t get rid of them,” said her mother, Sarah. “We took her to doctor after doctor until one day I was playing with her on the floor and I felt a lump. We took her to Dubbo Hospital on a Sunday night and were flown to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.” Sarah, Keiran and Grace moved to Westmead as a family during her initial treatment and did not see Dubbo again for five months. “Grace has been through numerous rounds of chemotherapy and two blocks of radiation,” said Sarah. 

“They saved Grace’s life.”

Wearing their orange and black Bob 'Tug' shirts, Team Grace walked around local Dubbo skyscrapers such as Macquarie River, Shibble's Bridge and Western Plains Zoo. On their travels, the group were met with curious onlookers who cheered them on. The team even created a fun video during their journey - watch below!

The walk raised over $116,000 for the Cancer Centre for Children at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead which will go towards improving treatments, purchasing vital equipment and funding research.

“When you donate money through Bob Tug you can really see where it goes. It goes straight to kids like Grace,” said Sarah.

“The research is important for the kids. Without the research they wouldn’t be here. We’ve walked through the research centre and it’s amazing, but they always need more funds to make a difference. One day, I hope they will have a cure.”