Eyes on the run

12 Sep 2018

Each year, 10,000 children visit our Eye Clinic for treatment of eye disease

Head Orthoptist, Katie Geering, has worked at The Children's Hospital at Westmead for the past nine years and is passionate about paediatric vision impairment and preventing vision loss. 

"Working at the Hospital is such a privilege. We see children who are born with congenital cataracts and we support them during their treatment journey. Seeing them progress and improve is such a win for us - we're giving them their vision back!" said Katie. 

This year, Katie and her department are running as part of Team Bandaged Bear in City2Surf to raise money for a new fundus camera. The department's team name is 'Eyes on the Run' and consists of orthoptists, administration staff and doctors from the Eye Clinic. 

"We're raising money for a new camera to take photos of the back of the eye. Many diseases can present at the back of the eye including cancer, glaucoma and cataracts; and this new camera will snapshot a wider field of the fundus, enabling us to detect diseases as early as possible. We're really excited to run City2Surf as a team, for the department and for the Hospital," she said.