Finding the silver lining

28 Jun 2020

There’s an old saying that the worst times bring out the best in people – and 2020 has certainly given us the opportunity to find out this is indeed true.

Together we have survived bushfires, drought, floods and a pandemic and our community has stayed strong. We have seen many examples of generosity, kindness and resilience and people going beyond the call of duty to help others.

In our own hospitals, frontline workers made sure sick kids could still get the care they needed. We thanked them publicly and we made sure that everyone knew about our ‘healthcare heroes’.

Now I want to say thank you to the Foundation’s other heroes – you!

We were on track for our most successful year financially until COVID-19 hit. You had truly embraced the Foundation’s expansion and you were by our side on our journey to deliver greater impact for children’s health.

And despite the pandemic you have stayed by our side.

We have been affected – as have all charities – but we are fortunate to still be receiving some donations. You heard our call to action and you understood that cancer, Cystic Fibrosis and every other childhood disease won’t wait for COVID-19. Kids are still getting sick.

But we are optimistic and so in these dark and difficult times we looked for – and found – hope.

  • We couldn’t hold our fundraising events, so we took them online, and you joined us from home, sharing the joy virtually!
  • You kept on buying Mum’s Sause for your pasta dinners, and you took us to the magic milestone of 1 million jars sold.
  • You sent beautiful messages to sick kids and their families to hang in the hospitals for them to see – so they would know how much you care about them even though no visitors were allowed.
  • Your support meant our best and brightest minds could turn their attention to vital research.
  • You helped us respond to urgent requests from the hospitals for new equipment so kids could be treated at home via telehealth.

We have been moved by your many kindnesses, your generous gifts and your messages of support, especially when I know you are doing it tough too.

So from my family, and the Foundation family, to all of you and your families – thank you for being our silver lining.

Yours sincerely,

Nicola Stokes
Chief Executive Officer

Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation

Image from ‘Hand in Hand - Triptych (2020) by Shana Danon (Emilio Frank Design). Reproduced with permission.