Getting kids home from hospital sooner

09 Jul 2021

Sofiya, Surgical Patient

When a sick child is admitted to hospital, their absence is felt by the whole family at home.

Siblings are left waiting for their best friend to return, pets start searching for their loving companion and parents are left juggling the needs of their entire family.

While every child deserves the right to a happy and positive childhood, unfortunately, some brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons need a little extra help. One thing all these kids have in common when walking through the doors of the hospital, regardless of their disease or condition, is the exceptional care waiting on the other side. 

And while they are in the best possible place to get better, kids are still missing home, just as much as home is missing the kid.

That’s why this July through to September, we’re calling on the entire community to help achieve extraordinary outcomes for children’s health and wellbeing – because every child deserves to be a kid first and a patient second. Together, we are aiming to:

  • Help all children, regardless of where they live or what they’re suffering from, have access to the best healthcare from the comfort and security of their home, or at least closer to home.
  • Support kids requiring ongoing medical care access the tools and resources needed to achieve a quality education, even when readjusting to the community and school, both during and after treatment.
  • Advocate for the new and innovative services that are changing the way kids are cared for outside of the hospital environment.
  • Ensure the world-class scientists and clinicians can continue pushing research boundaries and are able to unlock the discoveries of tomorrow so kids can get home from hospital even sooner.

Sick children always deserve to be kids first – even if tests and scans replace field trips and exams.

Together, we can help get kids home from hospital sooner. 

To join us on this important mission, get involved today.