Isaac's fight for life

10 Nov 2020

When Sarah was 12-weeks into her pregnancy, her little baby boy Isaac was diagnosed prenatally with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). Isaac’s diaphragm did not completely develop in the womb which left a gap and pushed some organs into his chest cavity. This compromised the growth of one of his lungs.

“We had countless scans, appointments and meetings to closely monitor my pregnancy and at the time, survival rates sat around 50% to 70%. The pregnancy felt like it went on forever. We continued to stay positive - although some days were easier than others - and had faith that we would give this little human every fighting chance we could,” Sarah said.

In January 2020, Isaac was born to a room of 20 hospital staff of midwives, doctors and nurses who intubated him with a breathing tube and urgently transported him to the Grace Centre for Newborn Care at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. At just two-days-old, Isaac underwent a mammoth six hour surgery to repair his hernia which to the relief of Sarah and her husband, Christopher, was a success.

In April 2020 after spending 12-weeks in the Grace Centre, parents Sarah and Christopher, were finally able to take their baby boy home.

“The 12 weeks Isaac was in hospital felt like a lifetime, but we took comfort in knowing he was in the best possible care. I’ll never forget the special day he was discharged, we were walking out the door with all the doctors and nurses cheering Isaac on, all so thrilled that we could finally take our baby home.” Sarah said.

This November, the Basha family have signed up to support Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation’s virtual Race for Grace, aiming to raise $80,000 for the Centre that saved Isaac’s life, who is now ten-months-old.

“To the nurses and doctors at the Grace Centre (too many to even name) - you have become our extended family. You kept our boy alive. It honestly takes a special kind of person to work in Grace, and each of you are exactly that, special. You've hugged me in corridors while I've been in tears but also managed to make us laugh and smile every single day we were by Isaac’s side. My husband and I are forever in your debt”.

Register to run, cycle, walk or swim 11kms per day across 11 days in November. Registrations close on 20th November 2020 and all funds raised will go towards making a difference to the lives of critically-ill babies just like Isaac. For more information, head to the official Race for Grace website.