Xavier's story

01 Dec 2018

“They told us our little boy may go into palliative care.”

Xavier was born almost three months premature with a long list of serious complications.

His mum Simone remembers: “As soon as he was born they rushed him off. It was eight minutes before he took his first breath and I heard him cry.”

Simone and David wondered if they’d ever get to hold their little boy. And then the worst happened. Xavier developed life-threatening apnoea. “He would suddenly stop breathing and go blue, then purple, then almost black,” Simone says.

Xavier would have up to 10 of these terrifying episodes a day. 

The Hospital’s Dr David Lester-Smith headed up a special collaboration between 16 departments to treat Xavier. But it was still touch-and-go. The doctors told Simone and David their little boy may have to go into palliative care.

Donations from kind people like you helped train these world-class teams that worked round-the-clock to keep Xavier alive, and paid for the vital equipment they needed.

Simone says, “The doctors and the team just didn’t stop. They kept persisting, trying to find out what made Xavier tick.”

And their persistence paid off, with Xavier eventually responding to a unique combination of drugs. Now, Simone and David are looking forward to spending their first Christmas at home with their little boy.

Donations from kind-hearted people like you helped make this happen. As Simone says, “Every donation helps. Every little bit.”

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