Vishwa's Challenge

At some stage of your life, you may face challenges, such as a global pandemic or an unexpected health battle, that leaves you feeling rattled and confused.

In tough moments, like for patients and families at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, it would be easy to become overwhelmed and feel helpless. But many parents focus on what’s possible as they see how hard their team of dedicated healthcare professionals work to treat their child.

Thanks to supporters like you, many are hopeful for a brighter future as they receive world-class care and improved treatments resulting from cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking research.

This act of staying resilient using a big imagination is a skill eight-year-old Vishwa developed at a very young age. Born with kidney disease and growing up on the wards of the Hospital, the bubbly young girl has practiced the art of distraction time and time again through her love of Barbie dolls.

Ever since she was a little girl, her Barbies have been there every step of the way through treatment - first dialysis, then her kidney transplant and now a cancer diagnosis.

Vishwa spent the first four years of her life receiving dialysis in hospital. Four days a week, five hours at a time connected to a dialysis machine.

“We were told that the only hope for Vishwa was a kidney transplant and neither my husband nor I was a match, so we couldn’t donate our kidney to our daughter,

Mital, Vishwa’s mum

In 2017, Vishwa’s maternal grandmother, flew from India to give her granddaughter a second chance at life, donating her own kidney. Thanks to the dedicated and skilled team at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, the kidney transplant was a success and so began an exciting new chapter for the whole family - a life without dialysis and daily hospital visits.

But then mid-last year, Vishwa was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and she continues to visit the Hospital for treatment and regular check-ups.

“Vishwa has spent over half her life in hospital and so the staff, doctors and nurses who treat her are like her second family. She knows the Hospital like her own home and loves to say hello to everyone there,

Mital, Vishwa’s mum

Although birthday parties and school carnivals are back on hold, Vishwa is responding well to treatment and is staying optimistic for the year ahead.

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