Wish List

Here's why donation dollars count:

$20 | Could fund books to help kids understand procedures

$50 | Could fund one hour of research focussed on helping babies who undergo major surgery achieve their developmental potential

$100 | Could fund two music therapy sessions to help distract and calm patients during painful procedures

$500 | Could fund a wheelchair to help transport children around the Hospital

$1,000 | Could fund a special chair in NICU so a critically ill baby can have skin-to-skin contact with a parent; helping the baby bond and thrive

$4,000 | Could fund a Apnoea monitor to alert caregiver when a baby stops breathing

$5,300 | Could fund a temporary pacemaker to support a child’s heart following cardiac surgery until their own natural rhythm recovers

$8,000 | Could fund a specialised cot for babies across the Hospital

$14,000 | Could fund a ventilator that automatically adjusts to meet the changing needs of patients requiring varying levels of respiratory support

$21,000 | Could fund a vital signs bedside monitor that constantly assesses a patient’s condition and immediately alerts clinicians when a change in condition requires intervention

$40,000 | Could fund a new state-of-the-art incubator that provides a carefully controlled environment that is perfect for protecting premature babies

$63,000 | Could fund an ultrasound machine providing accurate, real time images of a child’s condition during surgery

$100,000 | Could equip an entire ward with wireless access to electronic medical records, a range of educational portals and entertainment resources for patients and families.

$165,000 | Could fund a widefield retinal camera to capture early signs of eye disease in children and help with diagnosis, monitoring and response to therapy.

$250,000 | Could fund a new Echocardiograph (Echo) machine used to investigate why a child’s heart isn’t working well and determine the best treatment.

$500,000 | Could fund a microscope required for intricate neurosurgery, including surgery for brain tumours.