Callie’s First Birthday

By Khiaya Mccaughan

Help me celebrate my birthday with a gift to The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

As we all know miss Callie is turning 1! 

This milestone is big for any child but especially for our girl. 
There’s been times when not only were we not sure she would make it, but even the most outstanding doctors in the country weren’t sure either. 

The experience of almost losing your child is one I still cannot manage to put into words. The endless days of the deepest, gut wrenching fear you’ve ever felt in your life to the most euphoric highs when they make the smallest amount of progress. 

We had no idea or preparation for the roller coaster that was the first 6 months of our baby girls life. We went from having a baby with minor issues to one with a rare, complicated and life threatening condition. 

It was less than 24 hours between diagnosis and her having her life saving open heart surgery. 
The longest six hours of our life, or so we thought at the time not knowing what was to come but to grasp the fact we were so lucky to live where we do and without being asked for a single thing our girl was in the best hands in the country. 
We didn’t have to wait and worry how we’d afford it, how we would eat or if we would be left in financial ruin afterwards just had our hands taken and told they would do whatever it took to get our girl better. 

This was proven in the following weeks, after all she had been through her toughest fight was still ahead. 
Two cardiac arrests, needing to be on life support for a total of thirteen days. 
You cannot sum up in one sentence the amount of work that goes into having a child on ECMO but to put into perspective, 
- 2 highly qualified nurses bedside at all times
- 2 perfusionist’s on call at all times to operate and maintain the machine 
- Surgeons & Professors on call at all times to monitor and race to her side when her heart stopped beating 
-14 medications running in sync to keep her alive
- One of the few beds in the best PICU ward in Australia
- Weeks in the Edgar Stevens Ward recovering 

What these amazing people did to save our girl was above and beyond, it still stuns me that each morning I look over and our girl is there. Heart beating strong and breathing. 

So, for our girls first birthday we thought it fitting to give back to the place that saved her life. 
Without the hard work of these people we wouldn’t have our daughter with us to celebrate such a milestone. 

In place of gifts we ask that you kindly donate whatever you can to help other babies like Callie and other families like us to get their babies home with them, happy and healthy. 

Whatever we give will go a long way to help others and that would be the greatest gift our girl could ever receive, knowing that when people help you you help them back. 

Love Khiaya, Adam & Callie Anne 

Thank you to my Supporters


Kerry Johnston

To the strongest little girl I know Happy First Birthday. Your parents are pretty special too


Samantha Jones

Happy Birthday Callie! so glad to be able to share your big day with you xxx


Arcadia Lyons & Ben Clince

From Arcadia and Ben. Happy birthday Callie! You’ve been with us for a few major milestones in our lives. We can’t wait to be there for yours.


Liz Roche


Alison Lyons

Happy to donate to such a worthwhile cause <3


Suemark Shea

All you need is love xxxxxxxx


Victoria Olsson

We love you so much Callie. You are such a beautiful and precious baby girl. Happy first birthday xxx Love Victoria, Daniel, Brooklyn & Ella x


Crystal Goode

Our beautifully Callie.. You're so right Khiaya. This is a wonderful idea. I'm so thankful everyday that we are lucky enough to have her with us! What a massive milestone! Love you baby girl ❤


Vanessa Albrighton

Little Miss Callie you sure are a little warrior and so are your parents you have turned into the mist beautiful little munchkin I cannot wait to share your 1st bday with you and your wonderful family ❤️


Katy Walker


Carolyn Fisher

Happy birthday gorgeous bubba.


Jade Teasel

Happy 1st Birthday to our beautiful little girl. We love you 3 very much and Callie is so lucky to have such wonderful and strong parents like you. Lots of love aunty Jade, uncky Andy and Zaccy xOx


Brent Shea

All the love in the world chicken little love always uncky Brent and Aunty Nikki xxx


Laura Ling

Happy 1st birthday beautiful Callie 💕


Stacy Hahn

She’s one lucky little girl to have you as her parents.


Peter Adams

stay strong Khiaya and Adam. She is a great kid



What a fighter you are Khiaya. Bless you and your amazing family.




Lacie, Beth And Adam

Happy first birthday our beautiful Callie! We love you so much!


Christine Catling

What a lovely thing to do Khiaya. Lots of love x


Khiaya Mccaughan


Michelle Lovedee


Wendy Bunn

Bless you all especially little Callie. Your spirited little warrior princess! She is just awesome Khiaya n Adam xx


Jacky Robinson

Happy birthday mis callie. Congratulations Kiayha and Adam on being such wonderful parents


Dylan Martin

Good luck and glad she is doing much better, Dylan Martin Feel So Good Wealth Management



The strength you and Adam have is amazing. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers 💕



I am so glad your little girl pulled through. My son was sick in randwick kids when he was 3 months old but nothing like what you went through. The heartache of watching your sick baby go through operations and all the rest , is indescribable. I wish your family all the best . Happy Birthday Callie !! Ps my son turns 1 at the end of May too!