Annerley Chatterbear

By Jacqui Kennedy

May the Fourth be with you

Happy Star wars Day

Farmer Bear

There is a little slice of heaven on the Southern Highlands in NSW. Annerley is learning to be a goat herder.

Challenge #4 complete

Jill asked us to find a "human statue" busker but there were none to be found. We did talk this lovely bagpipe player into seranading Annerley - the video can be found on the Facebook page

Challenge #3 completed

Leonie asked us to visit the NSW Art Gallery and see the painting of Esther. It's a stunning painting along with all of the portraits in that exhibition hall.

Challenge #2 completed

Annie challenged us to go across the Harbour Bridge. You'll have to visit Annerley's Facebook page to see the video.

Challenge #1 completed

Here is Annerley petending to be a Cabbage Patch Doll.
Challenged by Mariann

Super Bear

In honour of International Women's Day #IWD2019 I made Annerley a cape!
Here's to all the incredible women in our lives who inspire us to be better and kinder. kiss

Dr Annerley?

Annerley has a new set of scrubs - ready for duty in the children's ward.

Challenge Annerley!

Every charity has their hand out for your $ so I thought I would try to do things a little differently. 
If you set Annerley a photo challenge, when I complete it, you donate on her Bandaged Bear page.

The friends on the Facebook page have already set me some Sydney CBD tasks so we are all set for an interesting weekend.
Put your thinking caps on and make the challenges FUN!
I'm currently (stuck) in Sydney for the next few weeks so no outback/ desert/ Nullarbor challenges please - unless you want me to photoshop them 
Don't forget - all these photos will be going into a book to be given to the child who adopts Annerley later in the year.

I'm raising funds for The Children's Hospital at Westmead!

Annerley Chatterbear is the embodiment of the kindness, grace and generosity of an online group which, every day demonstrates the amazing goodness in the world. 

She will be travelling all over Australia, going on adventures, exploring new places and meeting new people. At the end of her year long journey, we will produce a book of all of her travels and then she will be adopted by one of the children in hospital.

She will join the sleuth of famous Bandaged Bears who have already been adopted - Sprocket in 2015, Scarlet in 2017 and the entire Bear Ride clan. All the photos can be found here.

Join us on Annerley's Facebook page to follow her route around Oz.

If you would like to donate towards Annerley Chatterbox's CHW fundraising efforts please use the buttonon the right.

Thank you for your support!


The Children's Hospital at Westmead is one of Australia's leading specialist medical centres for children, offering a safe and friendly healing environment for children from NSW and beyond. The Hospital's expert medical staff care for more than 80,000 critically ill and injured children every year. 


Thank you to my Supporters


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Jill Howell

For completing a challenge with bagpipes




Jacqui Kennedy