Celebration giving

Many of our supporters use special occasions to raise funds for our hospital.

Celebrating your birthday, anniversary or wedding? Celebrations make an excellent time to suggest your guests donate to the hospital instead of buying a gift. Many people enjoy knowing their money is going to a good cause and one that is dear to your heart.

All celebration donations can be allocated to your nominated department, service or ward, giving your friends and family the opportunity to support your chosen charity.

We can provide table signs for display which let your guests know their donations are making a difference to the lives of sick kids and their families. The A5-sized signs are self-standing, and will complement most celebration themes and decor.

Create a celebration fundraising page

Create a fundraising page online and use it to recieve donations for your next Celebration instead of gifts!

Create my fundraising page

Celebrate with an online donation

Please share your celebration with us and make a difference to sick kids by making a one time donation!

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