Meet the Hospitals ‘Hidden Figures’

30 May 2019

There are many heroes who work behind the scenes every day to help make The Children's Hospital at Westmead the magical place that it is.

Judith: Anaesthetic Nurse
Caroline: Doctor and Oncology Researcher

“I’m lucky enough to have a research position to accompany my clinical role, where the work I’m doing can directly impact the families I’m treating and hopefully help them get better, forever,” says Dr Caroline Bateman, who has a particular interest in high risk childhood leukaemia.

Caroline’s research is focused on immune effector cell therapy and the potential for this to provide individualised treatment. It is hoped this will provide the patients she cares for with more advanced and more targeted options and minimise the chance of their cancer ever coming back.

“Caring for families during what is a very tough time in their lives is challenge but it is also a privilege.”

Anna: Paediatric Respiratory Physiotherapist
Anna: Paediatric Respiratory Physiotherapist

On paper, Anna’s job is simple – help kids keep their lungs healthy. But what she actually does is far more complex.

As a Senior Paediatric Respiratory Physiotherapist, Anna works with children who have chronic respiratory conditions like cystic fibrosis, lung disease and vocal cord dysfunction and who rely on daily physiotherapy to keep their lungs, muscles and bones working properly.

For many of the children Anna treats, their journey is up and down, but that is one of the reasons why she finds them so inspiring.

“The children and families I work with inspire me every day. It’s great to share in their achievements, no matter how big or small, especially when these kids have a chronic illness that requires daily management and frequent setbacks.”

Judith: Anaesthetic Nurse
Judith: Anaesthetic Nurse

Judith is one of the Hospital’s Anaesthetic Nurses who works alongside the surgical teams to assist during a child’s operation. She is responsible for overseeing the anaesthetic process, ensuring the safety of each patient while under anaesthetic and talking with patients and their family’s pre-surgery.

When Judith started at the Hospital, all she wanted to do was help make a difference. 36 years on and the only things that have changed are the Hospital’s location and the area she works in.

When asked what her favourite memory was, Judith said there are simply too many to mention but that it’s the kids that make her job so worthwhile.

“It’s a great place to work and the kids are just amazing. I’m really lucky because I have the opportunity to look after their parents too. I love seeing the relief from the children and their parents when they’ve had a positive outcome.”